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Ed and Helen Lubeley opened their first Bakery back in 1937 at the corner of Kingshighway and Neosho. Business was tough at first but it was a great time to be in St. Louis. The end of the Depression was near and business was starting to pick up. The Cardinal's "Gas House Gang" was in full swing and Harry Truman had just won his first seat in the US Senate. Ed and Helen were loving life and a family of 2 boys and 2 girls was on the way. Ed Jr, Helen, Bob, and Sue were born in that order.


 Within just a few years time the Lubeley's had a full house! In 1946 the Lubeley's decided to pack up and head west to Maplewood. The customers followed, lured by Ed's delicious German pastries, cakes, and pies. Life was great but early in the 50's a development caught Ed's attention. It was called Yorkshire Plaza and it was the perfect spot for Ed to relocate his operation. Over in Webster Groves it was a family affair with all of the kids pitching in to help. Bob was sweeping up and helping his Dad with the chores and Helen and Sue worked the counter after school. The Bakery was rapidly stealing the hearts of South St. Louisans.


 Ed operated Lubeley's at the corner of Watson Rd and Laclede Station Rd for nearly 32 years. In 1982 more space was needed so the family went a few blocks east to their present day location at 7815 Watson Rd. Ed Sr passed away in 1992 but you can still find Ed's lovely wife Helen working the counters. Even at age 93 she shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to work everyday and she keeps a watchful eye over her family. Most folks say the Bakery would never run without her! The tradition continues with Ed and Helen's children maintaining the level of quality that their customers expect. Today Bob runs the day to day operations, Helen heads up the Bakery and Wedding Cake Business, and Bob's wife Carol manages the Deli. Sue Lubeley-Suardi serves as Head Decorator. The Lubeley's have an old saying that goes... "Our Reputation is Built on Quality" It meant something in 1937 and it still means something today.